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Mattop Conveyors

Plastic Mat-Style Series MT

The plastic mat-style belt conveyor utilizes the 4700 and 5700 series of mat-top belts. The frame and component specifications are the same as the tabletop line of conveyors. The series MT belt conveyor is available in mild or stainless steel construction.

Plastic Mat-Style Series 1500 MT

The series 1500 MT plastic mat-style belt conveyor, uses the 9/16” pitch curved bottom 1500 mattop chain. The curved bottom allows the 1500 chain to flex around a 3/4” diameter fixed nosebar giving the smallest possible transition distance. The nosebar feature can be used either at the head and/or tail end. When used at the head end, a center drive assembly is required.

Cross Section for both Series MT and Series MT 1500 MT

Model W R1 Min R2 Max G.O. Min G.O. Max O.W. Min
MT/600 7.00" 0.38" 4.75" 1.68" 9.43" 14.00"
MT/1200 13.00" 0.38" 4.75" 7.68" 15.43" 20.00"
MT/1800 9.00" 0.38" 4.75" 13.68" 21.43" 26.00"