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Stop-Tite Automatic

The Stop-Tite Automatic is a non-impact, hydraulic vehicle restraint that is exterior mounted to the front of the loading dock.


  • Low profile, non-impact design
  • The hydraulic operation to vertically raise the restraint and engage the RIG
  • LED 3-light system for advanced communication between the truck driver and dock attendant
  • Push-button activation (115v single phase operation)
  • RIG Sensor Bar
  • iDock® controls with interactive message display
  • Zinc-Plated
  • Automatic light sequence
  • Automatically ensures safe capture or auto-stores
  • Low profile, non-impact design (wall or driveway mount
  • Automatically re-engages if the restraint is forced down
  • Remote power pack with translucent reservoir
  • Restraining force in excess of 32,000 lbs


The Stop-Tite® is a non-impact, hydraulic vehicle restraint, available as a standalone unit or integrated with another loading dock equipment through an optional integrated control panel. The unit helps prevent unexpected trailer departure from the loading dock during the loading/unloading process.


Once a trailer is backed into position against the dock bumpers, the operator presses the “Engage” button, activating the Stop-Tite to rise vertically to the trailer’s Rear Impact Guard (RIG), placing a stop behind the RIG and preventing the trailer from being able to pull away. The restraint maintains contact with the RIG and adjusts automatically with the trailer float motion to ensure proper engagement at all times. After loading is complete, the operator presses the “Release” button, lowering the Stop-Tite unit to a safely stored position, releasing the trailer.


  • RIG sensor bar notifies the operator if the restraint is not securely engaged to the trailer’s Rear Impact Guard
  • Automatic light sequencing with interior/exterior red/green lights always in opposition
  • Full communication package with lights, signs, and control panel with universal signage pictures for additional communication safety
  • Integrated iDock Controls for safe leveler interlock
  • Restraining force in excess of 32,000 lbs


The Stop-Tite restraint uses advanced iDock Controls with an LED 3-color light communication system. As a truck approaches, the exterior light is green and the interior light is red. Once the trailer is in position and the Stop-Tite is activated, the exterior light will change to red, warning the driver not to pull away, and the interior light to green, allowing the dock attendant to safely enter the trailer. When the trailer is released and the restraint is safely stored, the interior light reverts back to red, and the exterior light changes back to green.

“By-Pass” mode is also available, which turns the exterior lights to red and interior light to green. If the “By-Pass” of the system is necessary, it is recommended that you secure the trailer by other means before proceeding with the loading/unloading process.


The restraint is engaged electrically/hydraulically allowing it to rise and securely hold a trailers RIG bar with the steel barrier. Pump and motor are ¼ HP requiring 4.6 amps at 115V single phase. The control panel is NEMA 4X with all components, connections, and wiring UL listed and/or recognized. Panels are built in-house in a UL-approved control panel shop.


The durable zinc-plated, steel housing unit is designed to protect the self-contained motor and all internal components from any weather conditions.

Stop-Tite Series Common Option

  • Remote Power Pack Inside Pit or Inside Building
  • Integrated Control Panel
  • Dock Leveler Interlock
  • LED Interior & Exterior Lights
  • Limit Switch for Door Interlock
  • Cantilever Bracket with a Requested Projection
  • 3-Digit Passcode for Bypass Mode
  • Audible Alarm